Process Optimization

We identify the critical components of your production and then optimize your processes while increasing quality.

Fitness Assessment™

Our Fitness Assessment™ is a two-step process that identifies cost reduction opportunities and unlocks quality improvements for your manufacturing processes. Our experts provide on-site analysis and create plans to help you get the most from your operation.

Production Unit Cost Reduction

As part of maximizing your production, we identify areas of cost reduction. Whether it’s unnecessary expenses or procuring more efficient equipment, our team helps you achieve your financial targets.

Production Improvement

Timeliness in manufacturing can impact the profits, costs and systems of an operation. From planning and equipment purchasing to arranging and optimizing processes, ICC Group looks to make your manufacturing processes more efficient.

Quality Improvement Projects

Operational know-how combined with three decades of experience, ICC Group helps identify improvements before projects even begin. Whether you’re planning a network of factories or making small changes to a single plant, we offer a fresh perspective.

Data Analytics, Visualization & Institutionalization

Actionable Intelligence: That’s what our data analytics and visualization service delivers. ICC Group turns the data we collect into useful information to boost performance and identify areas for improvement.

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