Core Competencies

The ICC Group is an innovative full-service engineering firm that delivers measurable value to industrial clients based on four key areas of expertise:

  • Business Insight
  • Delivery Management
  • Fit-for-Purpose Process Engineering
  • Regulatory Compliance

A Trusted Engineering Partner

What does it mean to be the go-to engineering partner for our clients? It means we support your operation with a potent combination engineering know-how and business strategy. It also means we give you one person as your point of contact who focuses solely on your needs. In many cases, we even station our staff physically on-site to streamline day-to-day communications. A partnership with ICC Group means you can streamline your production process and focus on your core competencies whether you are planning a new factory or simply adjusting an existing production line.

Family of Brands

In order to bring our clients the best service possible, we have brought a number of companies under the ICC Group umbrella to maximize efficiency and bolster our own competencies. Every partner has access to our entire family of brands, ensuring a comprehensive approach to every project.

Our Clients

Our History

ICC (Industrial Control Concepts, Inc.) was founded in 1986 by four electrical engineers from Anheuser-Busch Brewery. Since forming, ICC Group has remained strong to its brewery roots and found success by providing engineering solutions to the brewing and distilling industries. As we’ve grown over the past three decades, we’ve not only expanded our expertise to other industries, but to other cities as well. Today, we draw on the experience and expertise of employees who have come to us from all over the world. Our team has worked for such companies as Coca-Cola, Carlsberg, Novo Nordisk, Heineken, 3M, and Pfizer. Building on a foundation of hundreds of successfully completed projects, ICC Group continues to evolve from a technical consultancy to a strategically-minded engineering and manufacturing powerhouse.


Comprised of senior-level management across the company, ICC Group leadership is responsible for the overall goals and activities we implement.

Alex Alexandrov President and CEO ICC Group

Alex Alexandrov - CEO and President ICC Group

An entrepreneur by birth and electrical engineer by education, Alex Alexandrov looks back at over 20 years of experience in international management consulting and continues to find creative solutions to almost all of the world’s problems. As VP Marketing & Sales, he successfully established a beer brand, making it the No. 1 beer in the Polish market within one year of his tenure. As a commissioned officer of the US army, he has a disciplined approach to project execution and leads his associates from the front.

Alex speaks four languages and has worked in the US, the Caribbean, France, Russia, Poland, Denmark, and Germany. He is very goal-oriented and brings high energy to any environment. Alex likes to get outdoors on frequent bicycle rides with his friends. Alex is a proud father of two teenage girls.

Ryan Coates Chief Operating Officer ICC Group

Ryan Coates COO ICC Group

Ryan Coates’ expertise is visualizing working solutions and translating them into tangible plans. After graduating with Honors in Chemical Engineering from the University of Missouri in Rolla, Ryan worked for seven years in Anheuser-Busch’s engineering and operations divisions in a variety of roles of increasing responsibility.

Ryan joined ICC Group’s process engineering department in 2009 while also completing his professional engineering certification. ICC Group’s management recognized his outstanding capabilities and soon promoted him from department manager in May 2017 to Vice President and in September 2019 to COO. Ryan enjoys defining projects and business cases, and ensuring the project and business goals are balanced and delivered on time. Ryan spends his precious free time with his lovely wife and their two young children playing sports or traveling.

Kyle Sawyer President ICC NW | Exec. VP Innovations ICC Group

Kyle Sawyer VP Innovations ICC Group

“Time waits for no man.” -Kyle has been a leader for over 30 years in the process equipment industry. He holds a degree in Industrial Engineering and Management. While working full time and raising a family of four with his ever-supportive wife, Kyle also obtained his MBA from Drury University.

Always very self-motivated and energetic Kyle’s forged his career path with lighting speed. From Superintendent at Paul Mueller to Plant Manager at Cherry Burrell to COO at JV Northwest, now the manufacturing branch of the ICC Group. Kyle’s passion is to improve and innovate. Under his leadership JVNW patented two new products, setting new standards for stainless steel equipment in the pharmaceutical industry. At the ICC Group, he is spearheading the R&D team to continuously advance our tank design technology, drawing from his vast experience in stainless steel manufacturing and industrial engineering. When not working, Kyle is passionate about fitness and his involvement in music. Next time you meet him ask how he got his guitar signed by Willie Nelson.

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