Major Industrial Plant: Streamlined Turnaround

Design-Engineering • Precision Planning • Turnaround
total installed cost
3 days
early completion
OSHA recordables

A $40B multinational plastics, chemical, and refining company had worked with a variety of engineering partners. Familiar with some of the engineers at ICC, the company requested help with its scheduled plant turnaround in Iowa.

The company performs plant turnarounds every three to six years for major upgrades. At a cost of about $2M per day of lost production, completing a plant turnaround on time is critical.

As the sole source for all the work at the Iowa plant, ICC used 3D laser scanning to get precise images and measurements for the virtual design of every component and piece of equipment of the plant. It was imperative that the engineering design of all the piping and equipment modifications be done accurately ahead of time so that they would fit during the turnaround and avoid any delays.

ICC assigned an on-site technical lead to serve as a single point of contact, pairing on-site mechanical and pipefitting contractors with designers to provide eyes and hands on the ground, speed up the design process by eliminating travel, and streamline scope by eliminating redundancies.

Every package was reviewed by eight people, ensuring that issues would be caught during review rather than in the field.

The turnaround was such a success that the client requested that ICC keep the Iowa team together for an upcoming turnaround in another of their plants in Illinois.

Per the client’s scorecard, the Iowa turnaround received the highest score in the company’s history.

Highlights included zero OSHA recordables (another company record), praise from the procurement department for making their job easier, and feedback from the company describing the Iowa turnaround as “the future of all T/As.”

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