Livent Corporation: New Structural Design

3D scanning & modeling • Structural Engineering • Operational Improvement
structural design
shorter project timeline
total project cost savings

A world leader in lithium technology, Livent faced some considerable industrial design engineering challenges when the company needed a new electromagnetic and vacuum conveyor system for its North Carolina facility.

What the company had in mind would not fit in the existing facility footprint, but Livent did not want to expand the footprint.

Livent turned to ICC for a solution.

Working with Livent to develop a realistic scope and give them exactly what they wanted, ICC’s design engineers created conceptual designs to add, instead, a “penthouse” on top of the existing plant to house the new equipment.

ICC’s design engineers were able to deliver a structural design that would accommodate the new system while meeting the company’s specs.

Using 3D laser scanning and modeling, ICC’s engineers routed vacuum lines, pipes, and utilities to eliminate any interference between the existing and new systems.

3D laser scanning creates a precise, real-space image by combining digitally mapped “point clouds” and photos of an area like a production line, tank house, or wastewater treatment system.

With 3D building information modeling (BIM), designers draw plans to fit the exact measurements and specs required for the project.

3D modeling allows clients to virtually walk through the design in a way that’s simply not possible with 2D renderings. ICC designers prepare a 3D presentation and/or a video “tour” of the design so clients can experience the design and work with ICC’s design engineers on any changes they’d like to make.

Using 3D laser scanning and modeling, ICC is able to ensure that upgrades are completed with minimal downtime, reduced onsite construction cost and risk, less reliance on field contractors, and total project cost savings up to 25%.

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