Beauty in Engineering:
Finding $20M in Savings for Vi-Jon Laboratories

Fitness Assessment™ • Cost Savings
20 days
$20 million
in cost reductions per year
2 years
breakeven on invested capital

Vi-Jon Laboratories, a leading health and beauty company, wanted to increase production capacity while also reducing costs. Looking for an innovative solution, Vi-Jon teamed up with ICC Group to identify areas of improvement.

ICC Group’s team of expert engineers and business strategists conducted an on-site Fitness AssessmentTM at two different Vi-Jon production facilities and carefully examined every stage of the manufacturing processes, from the incoming raw materials to products leaving the warehouse gate.

Through meticulous analysis, we identified several unforeseen bottlenecks in the manufacturing process. In addition, our team discovered that Vi-Jon could decommission several liquid storage tanks and instead utilize new technology to blend raw materials directly in the transportation pipes, thus dramatically reducing both storage and maintenance costs.

The result? $20 million savings per year, a more efficient production process, and a higher quality end product. And all of this was identified in only 20 days on-site.

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