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Saranac Brewery CO2 Recovery System

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425 kg/hr
CO2 recovery
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Saranac Brewery in Utica, New York, wanted to explore sustainable initiatives for its brewing process while keeping costs low. The brewery approached ICC Group, an industry leader in sustainable engineering, to find a solution.

CO2 is a natural byproduct of the brewing process, and as breweries expand production they have been looking for ways to manage their emissions output. ICC Group proposed a recovery system that would capture and reuse 100% of Saranac’s CO2.

Unfortunately, because the only available space wouldn’t fit a traditional CO2 system, our engineers worked through the problem and designed an innovative new CO2 recovery system — one that could fit inside two 40-foot shipping containers. With the introduction of this economical structure on-site, Saranac could go ahead with their sustainability initiative and ICC installed the system.

Installation of Saranac’s CO2 recovery system

Saranac’s new recovery system not only captures the CO2, but also allows the brewery to reuse the gas for carbonation and packaging. By generating 100% of its CO2 on-site, Saranac has eliminated the need to purchase and transport from outside suppliers. Reduced costs and reduced environmental footprint: we call that a win-win!

To help manage capital expenditures, ICC Group worked with Saranac to develop a lease-to-own arrangement. Saranac now pays a fixed fee per pound CO2 produced for a predefined term, and will take ownership of the system from ICC Group for $1 once the term is complete. This flexible schedule allows the brewery to keep its operational costs constant or lower while saving on capital expenses. Learn more about our stainless steel fabrication capabilities here.

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