Fast, intelligent and multi-tasking
Controls and Management Solution for Metal Plating Lines

Affordable • Efficient • Flexible
Short Installation Time
typically 3-5 days for 2 Lines
Use your existing I/O
Based on Allan-Bradley PLC TM

Need to eliminate the risk of using an obsolete and non-supported Steeplechase platform to control your metal plating process?  Want to get enhanced production efficiency from your plating lines?

To reach those goals and more, ICC software engineers developed Netplate 2.0.

Netplate 2.0 is an Allan-Bradley PLC-based solution for controlling and managing all of your plating line operations. It is powerful, yet flexible.

Run multiple discrete orders independent from one another on the same plating line, at the same time.
Handle re-work when it occurs or when convenient.
Access and execute hundreds of configuration changes without stopping the line.

You can keep your existing network and reduce costs by upgrading to Netplate 2.0. Installation takes only a few days with no major interruption to your production.

Below video provides an overview of Netplate 2.0

Contact Laurie McGrath at 309.644.4852, email: for details.

Netplate 2.0 - Features
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