Automating Success:
Saving Time and Money for a Major Beverage Manufacturer

Automation • Efficiency • Innovation

A major beverage manufacturer reached out to ICC Group looking for ways to improve their brewing efficiency. After an on-site analysis, our engineers identified a key area for optimization: CO2 recovery.

As a natural byproduct of the brewing process, CO2 is an essential and costly element in beer production and packaging. The brewery’s aging CO2 system had no documentation, so our team worked side-by-side with company staff, engineers and project managers to reverse-engineer the existing process. Through this exercise, we were able to quantify the ROI for each aspect of the CO2 recovery system, design an automated replacement and seamlessly integrate the updated system into the brewing process.

In addition to reducing operating expenses, new automated systems provide brewers real-time visibility into their operations and the freedom to manage their process from anywhere—even via smartphone—rather than having to be on-site at all times to manually monitor temperatures and flows.

Breweries of all sizes—not just major producers—are now able reap the benefits of automation, real-time monitoring and predictive analytics. ICC Group specializes in the design, integration and monitoring of automated systems throughout the brewing process, offering breweries sustainable and cost-effective solutions for their unique operations.

Saranac’s new recovery system not only captures the CO2, but also allows the brewery to reuse the gas for carbonation and packaging. By generating 100% of its CO2 on-site, Saranac has eliminated the need to purchase and transport from outside suppliers. Reduced costs and reduced environmental footprint: we call that a win-win!

To help manage capital expenditures, ICC Group worked with Saranac to develop a lease-to-own arrangement. Saranac now pays per pound CO2 produced for a predefined term, and will take ownership of the system from ICC Group for $1 once the term is complete. This flexible schedule allows the brewery to keep their operational costs constant or lower while saving on capital expenses.

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