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Templeton Rye Wastewater Treatment Plant

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ICC Group was preparing to start up Templeton’s new distillery when the local administration intervened: they feared their water treatment systems would be overburdened by the extra effluent resulting from increased distillery activity over time.

ICC Group set to work analyzing the financial terms imposed by the public system, the property taxes for the new distillery, and water treatment operating expenses. Balancing these findings with expertise in new membrane bioreactor technology, ICC Group designed a state-of-the-art water treatment plant that efficiently separates water from spent grains. The result: 100% of Templeton’s wastewater is now recovered in a resellable form (to farms, car washes, etc.), creating new potential streams of revenue and wasting none of this vital resource.

Furthermore, ICC Group was able to miniaturize the treatment plant to work within Templeton’s limited space. Our custom design houses biotech and filtration equipment all within two standard containers—measuring a total of 100 ft x 50 ft—a footprint that is less than one-quarter the size of similar facilities.

ICC Group is proud to have designed a solution that not only solved the initial wastewater problem using a minimal footprint, but also reduced Templeton’s environmental impact and created a potential secondary financial benefit–what’s good for the planet can also be good for business!

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