Good Design for The Good Stuff:
$35M Templeton Rye Distillery

Design-Build • Efficiency • Cost Savings
distillery and warehouse
original proof gallons produced annually
cost savings

When Templeton Rye needed an engineering partner to build a new facility for its famous whiskey, the company looked no further than ICC Group. Our proven experience managing end-to-end construction for the distillation industry resulted in Templeton’s brand new state-of-the-art 34,500 square-foot distillery that is capable of producing 500,000 gallons of original proof rye whiskey (”The Good Stuff”) annually.

Templeton Rye’s history is part of what makes their whiskey unique, so ICC Group worked closely with their team to develop a fit-for-purpose design that meets modern production requirements while honoring traditions. After listening to and assessing Templeton’s specifications, we were able to eliminate financial risks and project delays through expert planning and design tools such as Smart 3D, resulting in a more efficient facility that reduces the total cost of ownership up to 18% compared to similar distilleries.

From Vision to Reality. Watch the video and see how ICC Engineers has transformed a design vision into reality.

Distillery Walk-Through

In addition to overseeing the construction, ICC Group handled all procurement including a column and pot still from Forsyths in Scotland, a world leader in crafting distillation equipment for nearly 150 years.

Forsyths column and pot still

The final plant is able to accommodate 229,000 gallons of process water, stillage, and distillate simultaneously.

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